Windows vs Linux #10 Differences Between Windows and Linux.

Windows vs Linux Difference between windows and Linux

Windows vs Linux who is the best operating system and what’s the difference between Linux and Windows operating system? All these questions come once in every computer user’s mind. Almost all of us have started with Windows OS but when we get to know about operating systems like Linux, then So all these questions definitely come to our mind regarding these two operating systems. Today, we have come up with the answers to these questions, so that you will get complete information about them.

Difference Between Windows and Linux.

You have to pay to use the windows operating system.You can use the Linux operating system for free.
Windows users are not allowed to change their source code.Linux is an open-source operating system Any developer can change its source code and distribute it.
Windows is a bit slower than Linux.Linux is faster than windows.
Windows collects data from users which is not good for our privacy.Linux distribution doesn’t collect user’s data. Linux is secure than windows
Windows has very few customize options.Linux is a customizable operating system.
In Windows, we cannot do commands like Linux.Command-line is a very useful tool in Linux.
To solve a problem in Windows we need to reboot at run-level 3 as an administration to find and fix the problem.Linux has an inbuilt ability to stop at different run levels with this we can work using the command line and GUI if anyone has an issue.
Windows gives the user a simple operating system to use but it takes longer to install.Linux may be a bit shaky for its new user to install but it is capable of solving complex problems.
Windows update takes too long and the reboot is necessary after update.You can install Linux updates whenever you want and the update process is easy and Linux does not require a reboot after the update.
All hackers always target Windows users because if Windows does not have antivirus, it can be hacked very easily.Linux is more secure than Linux. This operating is very difficult to break.

What is the Windows Operating System?

Windows is a series of operating systems and this computer OS developed by Microsoft and you have to buy it to use this OS. It comes with a good Graphical User Interface (GUI), which makes it very easy to use. The first version of the Windows operating system released in 1985 At that time its GUI was quite simple and did not have an internet facility. Then in the next version, it also provided an internet facility which released in 1995. Even today most of the world’s computers are running only on the Windows operating system. The latest version of Windows OS is Windows 10. Which is currently ruling in the market.

What is the Linux Operating System?

Linux is an open-source operating system based on UNIX. Linux was developed in 1991. The Linux OS is also coming with a graphical user interface (GUI) and some software. It is an open-source operating system, you can change the code of this OS and modify it according to your own and distribute it. Linux is mostly used as a server most of the web pages on the Internet will be hosted on a Linux server. It also used in the Mobile device, camera, desktop computer, gaming console, video recorder, etc. The Android device you are using is also Linux based. Linux OS also used in NASA so now maybe you must have started feeling familiar with Linux.

The use of Windows OS is perfect for a developer and commercial work. If you are more interested in technology, you need a secure OS, then Linux is best for you. I hope we solve your queries about Windows vs Linux operating system.

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