How To Remove Verified Website From Adsense?

How To Remove Verified Site From Google Adsense

If you want to remove your website from Adsense but you face problem that the remove button is not working. I’m also face the same problem.

  • Log in Your Adsense Account.
  • Click On Menu Button (Left Corner).
  • Click On Ads.
  • Choose Auto Ads (Default Open).
  • After it you see website in the bottom(in advance URL setting).
  • Then if you have multi site deselect the site.
  • After that go to menu again and open sites.
  • Click on site and click on remove.

If you have face any problem in doing this and if you have any question about it, then please comment below.

If you want to enhance your adsense income from your advertisement, then follow the tips given below. Which will help you to make money from adsense well and safely.

10 Adsense Tips You Should Know

  1. Don’t Buy traffic and clicks.
  2. Always use responsive ads unit.
  3. Place your ads where user can see them.
  4. Make sure your website load fast.
  5. Remove other Ads on your site.
  6. Don’t place too much ads on website.
  7. 5 ads in one page is more then enough.
  8. Increase your content length.
  9. Find adsense referrers and improve them.
  10. A/B test your ads unit.

If you own a website and use Adsense Aids on your website, then you must learn Adsense Program Policies.

Many people do not know about these policies of AdSense and their AdSense account gets suspended. So we must read it once and follow it.

I Hope this article was very helpful for you and solve your problem if you think this is informative for you share with others and keep support.

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