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HTML Full Form Is Hyper Text Markup Language.  HTML is the standard markup language for creating a web pages. It is written of the form of HTML elements. Markup language means tags are used to define the page layout and elements within the page. HTML elements are represented by tags HTML tag lebel pieces of content such as “heading” “paragraph” “table” “div” and so on.

The web page we are seeing on the internet are written using HTML language. HTML codes are interpreted and displayed by web browsers. If you interested in web designing or web developing you need to learn HTML because of every website based on HTML.

HTML Language is very simple to learn you should learn it for the beginning. The HTML language was developed by MR. Tim Berners Lee in 1990. It was initially released in 1993 till then many HTML versions have been released. Current HTML 5 Version is gaining popularity due to its several extensive features.

Some of which are as follows:


The figure element helps to display visual content such as illustrations, photos, diagrams, etc.


It allows to group together introductory elements on a website like navigation item, search form, logo, etc.


The video element allows the user to stream any video from the website.


This element helps to organize webpage content into thematic groups.


It is located at the bottom of a webpage and it generally contains copyright info. and links to social media and navigation items.


It is used for that part of a website which is liked to other pages of the website.

Example Of HTML Coding




<h1>write your first heading</h1>

<p>write your first paragraph</p>



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