Top 30 Useful Websites List That Makes You Smart

Top 30 Useful Websites List That Makes You Smart
नमसकर दोस्तो,
आपका स्वागत है हमारे इस ब्लॉग वैबसाइट The Smart Adda पर दोस्तो आज मैं आप सभी
के लिए Internet से कुछ एसी Top Websites चुन चुन कर लाया हूँ जो आपके लिए बहुत ही Helpfull होंगी !
वेसे तो Internet पर हजारो करोड़ो Websites का महाजाल है पर उनमे से हमारे लिए Usefull Websites कोन कौन सी है यह जान पाना बहुत ही ज़्यादा मुश्किल है इसलिए आज मे आप सभी के लिए Top 30 Usefull Websites Of Internet 2019 लेकर आया हूँ !
चलिये तो जानते है वो कौन कौन सी Top 30 Websites है !
Top 30 Use full Websites Of Internet 2019 - The Smart Adda
Top 30 Websites Of Internet

Top 30 Websites Of Internet 2019. – The Smart Adda

  1. – Record any movie of your desktop and send them straight to YouTube.
  2. – Capture Screenshots of Web Pages on Mobile and Desktop.
  3. – Shorten long URL and convert URLs into QR Codes.
  4. – Find the Orignal URL that’s hiding behind a short URL.
  5. qClock – Find the local time of a city using a Google Map easy method.
  6. – Copy special characters that aren’t on your computer keyboard.
  7. – A better search engine for twitter.
  8. – Create flowcharts, network diagrams, sitemap, etc.
  9. – The Best place to find vector icons of all sizes.
  10. – Download templates, Cliparts, and images for your Office documents.
  11. – The easiest way to daily setup email reminders.
  12. – Scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses free.
  13. – Gets answers directly without searching.
  14. – Reformats news articles and blog content as a news Paper.
  15. – A search engine for RSS Feeds.
  16. – A simple and free online timer for your daily needs.
  17. – If a site is down due to heavy traffic, try accessing it through coral CDN for Pro.
  18. – Pick random numbers, flip coins and much more.
  19. – Lets you can quickly edit PDF’s in the Browser itself.
  20. – Preview PDF’s and Presentations.
  21. – Simultaneously upload videos to YouTube and other video websites.
  22. – Online voice recognition in the browsers itself.
  23. – Share your email address online without worrying about spams.
  24. – now get reads receipts for your emails.
  25. – Visualize and compare the size of any products you want.
  26. – Quickly determine the fonts name from images.
  27. – A good collection of open-source fonts.
  28. Color Balck in White Pic Colorize any Pic In A Singal Click.
  29. –  Remove any pic background in one click professional background removing in a few seconds.
  30. – Get Alternative what you want software, apps, websites, youtube channels, etc.
आशा करता हूँ हमारा यह ब्लॉग आर्टिकल आपको बहुत अच्छा लगा होगा अगर आपको यह आर्टिकल Helpfull लगा हो तो इसे अपने दोस्तो और चाहने वालों के साथ शेयर जरूर करे ताकि वह भी इन शाभी Most Usefull Website Of Internets का  लाभ ले सके !
धन्यवाद जय हिन्द !

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