50+ Sad Waiting Quotes for True Love or Someone’s

Sad Waiting Quotes for True Love or Someone’s

Waiting for True Love or someone? If yes so we brought for you the best waiting quotes for your true love. If you are looking for some heart touching waiting quotes that help you to wait, for your love. Love is a hard thing to find, even if you try to search from it thoroughly.

Let’s explore the best waiting quotes for your love and use with your picture on instagram.

Waiting Quotes for Love:

Waiting Quotes for Love By Instacaptions.
Waiting Quotes

The worst thing is love waiting…

I wait for the time when we can be together freely, when our love is no longer taken as wrong.

You wait for love simply bcoz you believe in it, You believe that it exists and that it is true.

I Love You and i want to tell you and show you but right now is not the right time to do so.

I am still waiting for you my love.

I’m still waiting for the day when you are ale to tell me what you truly feel about me then.

I’m not a believer in waiting for love, I’m agraid that the fire would burn too fast and die.

It is so wrong in so many levels that I’m the only one left waiting while you had your fun.

Waiting for Someone Quotes:

Waiting Quotes for Someone Heart Touching Quotes by Instacaptions.
Waiting Quotes for Someone

I don’t know why i am still waiting.

Do You Know, Every minute feels like an hour, Every hour feels like a day, Every day feels like forever but I will wait forever and a day for you.

I’m single for a reason waiting 🙁 on the right one to come along.

I’m waiting for the day when u will tell me that u r thinking aobut me all the time.

I’m still waiting for my sun to shine.

I hate waiting but I do because of you.

Good things come to those who WAIT.

I Know You will come back one day.

Things worth having are worth waiting for.

WAITING’S Exhausting.

Patience is Learned through waiting.

Success wants wait.

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