What Makes Ludo so Popular among the Masses?

Ludo Game

In 2020, Ludo amazed everyone across the globe by emerging as the top-played online game. It is amazing how this simple game transformed the digital verse and took over our lives within a very short time.

The era of digital games dawned on us during the pandemic, and living there became one of the most engaging activities across the planet. The games proved useful as well, as you could play them whenever you wanted, and with the cycle of getting rewarded, it made for the best pastime. You could play a money ludo game and win loads of rewards and prizes just from the comfort of your home.

Let’s review these few facts on why Ludo has an incredible fan base worldwide and keeps getting new fans daily.

Simplicity of Ludo

Among board games, it cannot get any simpler than Ludo. All you need to play Ludo is a small board for the game, the tokens, a single dice, and maybe a cup holder to shake the dice. The game has four houses you can choose from, red, blue, yellow, and green. In each house, four tokens of one color are placed, and each player gets to choose which color they want to play as. Up to four players can play a game of Ludo. To open your pieces for play, you have to play six on the dice, and from there, your pieces go along the grid till they make a round of the board to the finishing end. Players have to use strategies and measured steps to move the right pieces, as there is always a chance your piece might get captured by opponents coming up behind you. This is all there is to Ludo, and you can learn the easy rules while you are already in the game.

Return to Childhood

As children, our minds are palpable, and we record memories in an instant that stay with us all our lives. The best moments we recount are those we cherished and spent with our siblings. Ludo is the game every Indian kid enjoyed when they were little. The modern popularity of Ludo depends a lot on the childhood connection it can provide to adults. When you play Ludo, you remember those moments and are drawn back to the golden days when you were young, and everything was really easy going, and you had no care for the world. A simple game binds us and becomes a celebrated part of our shared nostalgia. Ludo is often played for fun rather than competition, which is the best part of this game. This is not something other games can do; therefore, it is exclusive to the game of Ludo.

Savior during the Lockdown

When everyone in the world was troubled by the lockdown, Ludo came as a huge savior to connect millions across the world. Shut back indoors, anxiety and depression became the norm for everyone, and they had to adjust to this kind of lifestyle unless something miraculous happened. The online gaming scenario erupted, and everyone huddled to become a part of it. Ludo had that element of natural classic-game sensation that bred a sense of familiarity in the people. People found it easier to relax and play Ludo rather than wind their heads around other difficult games that seemed to consume more of their time in learning rather than playing. Ludo connected many people and built a sense of community, becoming the one game that everyone in India loves.

Makes You Goal Oriented

The tired mind is a devil’s workshop; therefore, it is important to keep your mind engaged in a goal-oriented task. Ludo is the most basic form of activity that gets you goal-oriented in a fun manner. At the beginning of the game, the goal you have is to release your tokens from the house to get them into the playing area. For this, you need to play sixes. This is the initial goal of the game. Once this goal is achieved, you move your pieces towards the finishing grid, where you must push all the tokens in. This step-by-step goal accomplishment makes Ludo an invested experience that makes you focused on the task at hand. As a default, you get more organized in your daily chores and make your life more serious by setting more goals and accomplishing things, just like in Ludo.

Cultural Connect

Modern-day Ludo is derived from the historical game Pachisi, which people played during ancient times in India. Cave carvings and drawings also depict India’s rich affiliation with the game and how it has very capably rolled into people’s modern lives in the digital age. People of India are obsessed with their culture, and the acceptance of Ludo amid the newer generation helps them celebrate this even more. The game of Ludo celebrates culture like no other contemporary game. It is great to see that, just because of the craze, today’s children are unknowingly picking up on a heritage seemingly growing its richness with time.

Final Words

As days go by, Ludo seems to be accepted more and more by the youth and spreading globally. The digital version of the game has reached people in the remotest villages, and people are still flooding in on online platforms to get the latest version installed on their devices. It’s safe to say that with its attributes, Ludo ranks as the best playable game in the world, offline and online, and will certainly stay at the top in the years to come.

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