How To Make A WordPress Website Without Buying Hosting

How to make WordPress Website Without Hosting

WordPress Website Without Hosting! Is this really possible? Yes, you can make a WordPress website without purchasing any costly hosting service.

I also had my website hosted for free for two years. Because I didn’t have the money to purchase a good hosting service when I first started a blogging website.

If you want to build a website with the WordPress CMS but are concerned about the cost of hosting services, you should read this entire post.

It will definitely help you to host your website absolutely without spending any money.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why We Need Hosting For WordPress Website?

But, before we begin, you should understand why we require hosting for our WordPress website.

If I say in simple words, We must have a place where we can keep our website’s files and you also know that everyone accesses the website via the Internet.

So it is also very necessary to ensure that wherever the website files are located, that spot is always connected to a fast internet connection.

I hope you understood that why we need hosting for any Website.

So, let’s get started on learning how we can host our website for free.

1. Free Hosting

This is our first choice for getting our first website up and running without having to pay for hosting.

On the Internet, so many websites claim that they provide free web hosting services. If you Google “Free Hosting Provider“, the results will be confusing in terms of selecting the best free hosting.

Don’t worry I’m here to help you 🙂

Here is a list of the best free website hosting services.

Accu Web Hosting (Free WordPress Hosting)
X10 Hosting
FREE Web Hosting Provider Websites

2. Google Cloud Console (Recommended)

Google Cloud Console
Google Cloud Console

Yes, Google provides a free web hosting server, You can host your WordPress site absolutely free on the fastest Google Servers.

Google offers a free 12-month trial of Google Cloud Console, with a $300 credit added to your account that you may use to host your WordPress website for a year.

To host your website for free for a year, hit the button below.

3. AWS (Amazon Web Services)


AWS (Amazon Web Services) also has the fastest servers for hosting large websites. But the best part for us is that AWS offers a FREE 12 Month Trial, so you can host your website for free for the next year.

Click the button below to host your website on the fastest server.

4. Digital Ocean

How To Make A WordPress Website Without Buying Hosting
Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a well-known VPS hosting service provider that also offers a 60-day trial period.

Digital Ocean provides us free $100 credit to use towards the hosting of any website, such as WordPress or a custom-coded website.

You can also run virtual machines like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

When you have a budget to acquire a hosting service, you should go with Digital Ocean because it is an economical hosting service provider that allows you to upgrade your server specifications based on your requirements.

Click the Button below to host your website free for 60 Days on Digital Ocean Server.

5. Linod


Linode is another VPS service provider for your website, and it also offers us a free 60-day trial to host our website.

Linode, too, offers lightning-fast services for hosting websites and running virtual machines.

To host your website for free for the next 60 days, click the button below.

These sites can help you to host your website for more than two years. It helps you in your starting days.

Final Words

The first requirement of any successful website is quality hosting. You can use these websites to host your website for free, and whether you have the money to buy hosting, you should buy some decent hosting.

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